“In the 31 years I’ve worked at Cook, Yancey it has always been interesting to watch the firm expand and become more diversified as the legal industry continues to grow and change. This is a very energetic place, and there are new and challenging projects all the time. As the firm’s librarian, I work with all of the attorneys, paralegals, secretaries and other staff members, as well as law clerks and, on occasion, am asked by an attorney to assist a client directly. One of the best parts of my job is being able to interact daily with so many talented and intelligent people who appreciate what I do. It’s great to be able to contribute to the work effort on a project and to know you had a hand in the successful outcome. Teamwork is emphasized throughout our office, yet I’m still made to feel that my individual input on that team is important. Another really enjoyable part of my job is locating information and training others in various research techniques. Cook, Yancey has always been considered a front-runner in the realm of technology and that means there is never a lack of interesting things to learn in this environment. As for the people, some deep and long-lasting friendships have been fostered here. I think everyone displays true Southern Hospitality, and because of Cook, Yancey’s long-standing and reputable history we have clients not only from the local area but from all over the world. Many of those clients, in dealing closely with our attorneys and staff, come to consider us as friends and they let us know we’re respected for the assistance we give them. I think that kind of caring relationship between attorneys, staff, and clients is why Cook, Yancey has a comfortable home town feel, even though we’re now the largest firm in North Louisiana.”

Sharon Stinson

My experience at Cook, Yancey, King & Galloway has been positive. Cook, Yancey is a large firm and a much diversified one, covering all aspects of law. The advantages of a large firm are that you have teamwork, with many employees to assist you, a good benefit package and many places that you can fit into. I have been at Cook, Yancey for almost a year and look forward to a rewarding future here.

I relocated to Shreveport, Louisiana in the Fall of 2004. I had worked at one of the largest global financial services banks in New York for over 20 years. Working for a law firm was going to be very challenging for me, since I did not have any background in law. The employees at Cook, Yancey were very receptive of me and extremely helpful with my transition into the legal field.

I believe that anyone who is looking to work in the legal field, that Cook, Yancey would be a great asset to their career and that they will find it very rewarding.

Patti Fertal