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Passing on wealth from one generation to another may seem to be a straightforward process. However, the tax and practical implications of such a transfer of wealth can be significant. If you are looking for ways to minimize taxes on a wealth transfer while working to ensure such wealth is enjoyed responsibly, working with a business-planning lawyer can be of great benefit.

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Wealth Transfer Tax

The government will take any chance it gets to tax your wealth. This applies to business owners looking to transfer a business to another family member. This taxable transfer can be a significant burden on the current and future business owner.

Our law firm will look for ways to minimize wealth transfer taxes, generation-skipping transfer taxes, gift taxes, and other taxes that may apply. Attorney Bill Kalmbach is a board certified estate planning and administration specialist, certified by the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization, and specially qualified to advise families, businesses, and individuals with respect to their wealth transfer, business, and charitable planning.

Because your situation is unique, we will tailor our services to meet your specific demands. To minimize the tax impact on your wealth transfer, we will identify applicable tax breaks, review or create an estate plan, and take other actions to protect your legacy.

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