Cook Yancey is currently actively engaged in representing oil and gas exploration companies, producers, landowners, and pipeline firms in the leasing of Haynesville Shale mineral rights. Cook Yancey’s long experience in all phases of the oil and gas industry in North Louisiana gives its clients an advantage in lease negotiations, the acquisition of mineral rights, and other strategies to exploit the opportunities that the Haynesville Shale represents to its local, regional, and national clients. Cook Yancey also provides innovative tax and estate planning strategies for landowners who have recently received or are about to receive large lease bonuses and anticipate significant royalty payments. These dramatic increases in income often cause unexpected federal income, gift, or estate tax consequences. Cook Yancey is committed to designing tax planning strategies to reduce income and death taxes imposed on this new wealth. Contact a member of our firm to find out how we may help you with your oil & gas legal needs.

Oil & Gas Attorneys

J William Fleming
James H. Campbell III
Matt R. May
James R. Sterritt
Lake Hearne

Services Include

  • Representation of land and mineral owners regarding rights under leases and other mineral agreements.
  • Thorough review of leases and related right of way and servitude agreements
  • Negotiation oil & gas agreements, structured to best serve your individual needs.
  • Provide advice and analysis on lease packages
  • Evaluate estate needs and tax strategies