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Louisiana Transportation Law Attorneys

Cook, Yancey, King & Galloway has extensive experience representing clients in the rail, motor carrier, and aviation industries.

The firm’s lawyers have litigated railroad and motor carrier personal injury and death cases throughout the State of Louisiana. The firm’s attorneys also have experience in litigating claims involving damage to cargo in interstate commerce (Carmack Amendment), claims brought by employees under the Federal Employers Liability Act, and labor disputes arising under the Railway Labor Act. The firm has particular expertise in railroad grade crossing litigation and trespass claims.

Beyond litigation, the firm’s attorneys can assist and advise motor carrier clients with respect to entity formation, registration, licensing, insurance, safety fitness ratings, vicarious liability, lease provisions, lease liability, negligent hiring and entrustment, preservation of records, spoliation of evidence, discrimination in passenger services, civil penalties against carriers, wrongful discharge the Under Surface Transportation Assistance Act, and minimum wages and overtime claims.

The firm’s attorney have also represented major airlines in litigation arising in Louisiana’s state and federal courts, defended aviation component parts manufactures in product liability claims, and advised and assisted commercial clients and individuals in the acquisition and management of aircraft.

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Transportation Law Attorneys

Herschel E. Richard Jr.
J. Richard Sterritt 
John T. Kalmbach
Gregg A Wilkes