Class Actions and Mass Torts


Shreveport Louisiana Class Action Lawyers

The attorneys at Cook, Yancey, King & Galloway have experience in defending class actions and mass tort claims brought against a variety of corporate clients.

The firm’s lawyers have experience in evaluating and defending putative class cases in state and federal court, ranging from environmental matters to consumer fraud claims. The lawyers of Cook, Yancey, King & Galloway can assist clients in evaluating class claims, conducting class discovery, identifying experts, opposing class certification, negotiating class settlements, and in the trial and appellate process.

The firm’s lawyers also have experience in defending mass tort claims brought against pharmaceutical companies and consolidated in a variety of multidistrict proceedings. The firm also has experience in asbestos, environmental, and vehicular mass torts claims. Because of its size, Cook, Yancey, King & Galloway can effectively defend numerous claims in a variety of state and federal forums simultaneously.

To learn more about how we assist clients in these areas, contact an attorney at Cook, Yancey, King & Galloway in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Class Actions and Mass Torts Attorneys

Herschel E. Richard Jr.
Albert M. Hand Jr.
John T. Kalmbach
David Hemken